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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! After such an incident like the fall of Beacon, what mother wouldn't want to keep their child closer? Who loves lemons? I do, I love lemonade and I hope this isn't to subtle to miss.

In a universe where all of team RWBY and their mothers are related! See the story of how this incestuous family came to be and where it all started. Shortly after the events of the Breach, Ruby was kidnapped by Salem and her morals twisted to become the envoy of lust and evil. Her new mission is to enrapture the hearts of all huntresses she knows and will meet to diminish the forces of good and grow her kingdom of loyal servants and child-bearers.

Salem has her Lust Reaper and sets her out to make her kingdom. Pyrrha and Jaune are a fairly ordinary married couple, outside of the demonic presence that lurks in their bedroom and tempts them towards carnal sin. Well, tries to tempt them. Ruby's a fairly inexperienced Succubus, but what she lacks in demonic magic, knowledge of tempting, and sexual experience, she makes up in hard work!

Well, sort of Remnant is a wild wild wasteland, filled with dangerous criminals, creatures of grimm, and hot cowgirls. Twin sisters, Yang and Blake Branwen, have had to hide their indecent relationship from the world, but all that changes when they get caught spying on their mother's having sex. Their are many different kinds of love on remnant. The bonds between family is a strong one, and in the world of remnant some family's take their love a step further.

After buying a special brand of milk Ruby didn't expect to be taken to the very same place that produces it. Now she finds herself forced to make the very same thing she drinks.

The girls of team RWBY having fun with their parents.

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Whether it be their teammate's mother, or their own. Summer takes Ruby into the forest on a very special trip. Every Huntress needs to know what could happen fighting Grimm, and Summer is going to make sure her daughter can handle it. A continuation to Damage's fic, "A Mother's love", where our lovable Yang gets kidnapped, broken, turned into a slave by her very mother, Raven. Now, pregnant with Raven's child, and Summer Rose as a personal household pet, Yang's life turned to life of pure pleasure, obeying her mother and being her personal toy.

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Get an Invitation.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus includes. Cancel Apply When he follows it through a Void anomaly, however, he finds himself on Remnant. Now he must find the shard, or else witness as yet another civilization falls to the Destroyer of Worlds. Arcfall by sde reviews When Jaune Arc is given an ancient blade holding the key to a strange past, a world of new possibilities begins to emerge.

The resulting war led to fall of their Empire, and now, thousands of years later, the Tau System is regarded as a myth. The dreams of the Orokin were shattered among the stars, and all that remains now Instead, they awaken lightyears away on an unknown world.

Stripped of their weapons and Warframes, wearing nothing but a jumpsuit and suffering from acute muscle atrophy, a wayward Tenno must now survive on Remnant and make peace with the native sentient life.

These rockets damage the engines, and Ordis activates the engines in an attempt to save both the Operator, and himself. However, damaged engines, explosions, and a glitchy cephalon can lead to strange outcomes, and perhaps even stranger situations. As Operator Zanara scrambles to help her allies uncover the mystery of this new, inhabited planet, she has to race against time to protect it from the dominion of the Grineer and Corpus. Meanwhile, mysterious and powerful Huntsmen and Huntresses are interfering in Remnant Let's see if I'm right?

The kingdom of the Orokin Rewrite by Zanderlux reviews An orokin ship escapes the massacre of the outer terminus and finds itself in Remnant. Led by a self-doubting orokin Lorest and her loyal subjects. This world will be changed by the actions refugees of the origin system and the last of the empire will be forced to see their sins.

Will they make the situation worst like they did at home or will they survive to the truth? Dishonored by lumely reviews Ignorant to one another, unaware of the fate strings. Light will rise during the coming of dark. One will ask for forgiveness, the other will beg for help. The Cracked Ice by Huron reviews Scattered farther than any other in a unknown environment, one must learn to adapt and change to survive.

How to utilize such skills remains to be seen, but efficiency had always been part of the training.

A Rift in Remnant by dismaye reviews Space-ninja. Once passed through the void by warp-speeeed reviews By the far reaches of our Origin system, there lies an ancient vessel of Orokin origin, far greater than any Tower.

A single Tenno, and her Cephalon investigate, but find the ship leaving the system, pulling both them and the Orokin vessel through a generated warp-gate. WarframexRWBY: The Terror from Beyond by Nidus reviews A few Tenno find themselves lost in a strange world, on the potential verge of being invaded, now they must help protect this new world which they will soon learn to hold dear. A Void in a Soul by PVonTuckIII reviews When an unplanned factor causes Tenno Aaron's Orbiter to make a dangerous transition to the Void, he finds himself in a place where there are no oppressive empires or murderous corporations, but darkness still lingers.

And as a Tenno, it is his duty The Wayward War by Naughtbeast reviews The void is a place of roils and waves that can turn what may seem the safest of journeys into the greatest of perils, but when the gripping roil perfectly aligns, it sends four Tenno to a world that was never discovered by them The Tennos arrival the World of Remnant by A grineer reviews This is where our Tenno note I'm using the Tenno I have that I used when playing and the operator is the frames are separate people.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Pairing Plus includes. Cancel Apply Armed with the knowledge of this world, Chris has to face threats from both Human, Grimm, and Titans alike A lot apparently. When fate sends him, not to Earth, but to Remnant, the world of bloody evolution is never the same. Hmmm, evolution Salem and Ozma were always looking for an advantage.

Pero ninguno peor que: "Godzilla", el rey de los monstruos. And now, from seemingly nowhere comes a new race, stronger Humans or Faunus, and potential for destruction that rivals the Grimm. Known by many names, but the people of Remnant shall know them as, Titans! But Ghidorah isn't angry Especially when they confuse him with a God and treat him as such. Plus, having a couple new powers is nice Ironwood, Adam T.

Now searching for a way to return to their true forms, they enroll in Beacon Academy, and meet our favorite group of Huntresses-in- training, chaos ensures to be expected.

First story, so won't be perfect. The Balancers of Mortals by Joking4ever56 reviews Ghidorah was brought back and created a divide between the titians which resulted in a great battle.

Before their battle could end the world, the humans used a new weapon to would banish the titians into a dark void where they would trap for centuries. Then one day a strange entity sent them to a strange new land. Will the titans bring balance to this new world or destroy it.

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The Pathway to light by TheSwarmKing reviews A boy who is all alone in the world encounters and ancient power.It's been three days.

Three days since Ruby last saw you, after she returned from the carnival. You haven't shown up to class, you haven't been in the cafeteria, and you haven't contacted any of your friends. First they thought you were sick, so they didn't question it. The second day Blake dropped by to give you an assignment, but nobody answered the door.

Not even Dylan. Now it's the third day, and you're still not in class. Of course by this time team JNPR began to notice, and even the professors took hint of it. Glynda was abnormally distracted during her class today, which made the two teams worry even more. Something happened.

Something with you. Even Weiss is concerned, though she'll never say it. In fact, out of everyone, she's put the most thought into your recent disappearance. They all walk back to their dorms as a group, but their normal conversations are non-existent. You're the only thing on their mind, and each of them is coming up with a different theory on what happened to you.

During all that theorizing, the two teams reach their dorms. Well, see ya guys! Ruby walks right to her bed, jumping into it and laying on her back. Weiss sits regally on the edge of her bed, staring at the floor as she thinks.

Yang slowly paces around the room, while Blake simply stands by the window. He would have let somebody…" Suddenly an idea, more specifically a person, pops up in her mind.

Blake winces a bit at the thought of Dylan, but she can't deny Ruby's logic. He's the only one who would know your whereabouts. She just prays he's willing to let them know. The girls, with their course now set, head to your room.

In little time the four approach your door, and Ruby knocks. After a moment Dylan opens the door and huffs at the sight of the girls.

I'm busy. Well, as I just said, I don't know. He hasn't been here in days, which isn't a concern of mine. Now, please, I would like to be left alone.

rwby x framed male reader

If you want to find him I'd ask her," he points to Ruby, who becomes flustered at the attention. Dylan shuts the door, going back to his duties. We went to the carnival, came back, an- OH!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! What if, when Kuroyuri fell, the Arc parents had been near.

rwby x framed male reader

In their time of need, both Ren and Nora are rescued from despair and instead of being on their own get brought into the Arc Family. Jaune Arc, while he wasn't the strongest, smartest or even the most good-looking kid around, he had his own charms that can bring him attention, either the good sort or the bad sort. However, he also has something which can differentiate him from others; a burning determination and drive to always improve.

The World of Remnant is full of many terrors: Grimm, terrorists, murderous futas. Some of these fine specimens will be no exception to the latter.

Summary: Jaune Arc isn't strong, smart, or skilled. Even so, he dreams of a future in which he is a Huntsman. He dreams of friendship, combat, and love. But every dreamer must wake. Follow the adventure of how Jaune began a relationship with the happy-go-lucky Yang and the calm Faunus beauty Blake.

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The Faunus Revolution failed. Faunus had their rights removed and were made into slaves, with all the rights and duties of such a status. A young woman, recently captured and bought, is brought before the youngest scion of the Arc family to slake his lust and ensure some experience for the young man as he waits for the date of his marriage to Cinder Ella. From an act of seeming mercy, an odd relationship may spring. From a kindness, a new love?

A very slow-burn Knightslayer fic, with probably more pairings popping and cropping up. A single change long ago could mean all the difference in the world or none at all, until you see the result first hand. On top of that he now has an awakened aura and a new power called 'umbra' according to one of the islanders.A difference of 2 goals.

Our scoreline of 2-1 Getafe win was correct too. Said, Sociedad wouldn't win. It remained 1-0 till the 90th minute. Hoffeinheim equalized at the edge of the game. Match ended 1-1 as we predicted. Gladbach scored 3 goals quickly. It stayed 3-1 for long. Game ended, 4-2, Gladbach win. WI scored 356, became 0. Also said, despite starting favs at home, don't see Dortmund having an edge at all. Match ended 3-0 PSG. Chelsea won in the last moments of the last minute of the game.

RomaUEFA Champions League 2017-18 Chelsea vs A. Roma, 18-10-2017Said, no team looks outstanding for this game. Indeed, it ended up in a 3-3 Draw. Asked to lay Pak early(0.


Can be better than that. Simply can't ignore SL as the game becomes tricky towards the end.

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A chance of the game going closer than 35-27, nearing a Draw. It ended 25-24 NZ win. Match ended 37-20 Australia. Trinbago Knight Riders won the CPL17 trophy. After a Liverpool Red Card, City won 5-0.

rwby x framed male reader

HalepFrench Open 2017 Women's Final, 10-06-2017Yes, at 20, unseeded, Jelena Ostapenko won the French Open 2017. Our prediction was correct.Please help by adding reliable sources.

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The New York Times. Retrieved February 13, 2013.

RWBY Volume 2 Episode 1: Epic Food Fight!

Growth of the Internet (PDF). Retrieved February 25, 2016. Archived from the original on February 8, 2009. Retrieved January 8, 2011. Archived June 16, 2008, at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved on May 3, 2016. The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence. New York, NY: Penguin. Retrieved April 22, 2015. By: Kurzweil, Ray, New Scientist, 02624079, September 24, 2005, Vol.

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